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Many healthcare providers face complex challenges and feel uncertain about which real estate investment strategies are right for them. That's why we launched MedCraft Investment Partners - a unique investment platform built on integrity and decades of our proven healthcare real estate expertise with customized client-driven solutions in developing, acquiring and managing healthcare facilities. We help identify, plan, and structure partnerships that result in greater economic value - while guiding against missteps that are commonly encountered along the way.


MedCraft Investment Partners, part of MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate, focuses exclusively on healthcare real estate and we are your fully integrated, aligned, and committed real estate partner.


Focusing on the acquisition of ambulatory care and medical office buildings (MOB), MedCraft has an unparalleled history and track record of delivering health systems, hospitals, and physicians value through industry-leading experience and execution. We acquire MOB assets from third-party developers, REITs, private owners, physicians, and hospital systems looking to unlock equity in their real estate and partner with a long-term holder. 



In Development, Acquisition, Disposition, Financing, and Sale of Medical Office Buildings



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